Terms And Conditions  
 Terms and Conditions
1To get registered with P Square India is a sort of a mutual agreement between the “P Square marketing private limited” (hereinafter referred to as company or the First party) and The Purchaser who purchases the products and services from the company (hereinafter referred to as the Purchaser or the Second party). By clicking on the “Submit” button in our SIGNUP Option in our Main menu, the purchaser is agreed to have accepts these terms and conditions.
2• The purchaser agree to be of legal age in your country to take part in this program and in all the cases your minimum age must be 18 years.
3If the applicant agreed to ad here to and abide by the condition mentioned here under and in the website named "http//mydemo.com" . He/She shall become a member on the prescribed membership fee to the Firm by way of a Crossed demand draft or cheque.
4If the Applicant had not completed 18 years of Age ”minor detail” must be filled by the parents/ guardian of the applicant.
5If the applicant is Partnership firm/ Private Ltd. Company, then the applicant has to provide all necessary document pertaining to firm/company during the regis membership.
6For joining as an independent member of the Firm. The applicant will have to make the prescribed payment towards membership fee by way of a Crossed Demand Cheque in favouring ” Your My Demo Here ” payable at Company Head Office Address.
7If any body makes a any payment in cash, it will be at his/her own risk and under no circumstances, will be answerable to suchunauthorized cash payment
8The initial payment made by the applicant is towards enrolling as an independent member and the same is not refundable underany circumstances. All the packages i registration fee, the processing fee and the administrative costs.
9The member will be eligible for incentives or income only as per the volume of business done by him that is also subject to theeligibility norms to the member on only his/her joining the Firm.
10The independent member will not be an agent or employee of the Firm. His/her position being so, he/she cannot bind the Firm inany authority to bind the Firm or to r speak on behalf of the Firm.
11The Firm will approve the membership by issuing of official receipt and an online registration, which will carry the password and an identification number know as ”Mem generated by Firm. This password and Member ID used for all his/her transaction andcorrespondence with the Firm. T he Member ID once generate can not be altered a point of time.
12The Firm will, in no case, entertain any communication without Member ID.
13The member has to pay annual renewal fees at the end of the 12 month of their membership as per the norms of the Firm.
14In case of membership in name of Partnership firm, the Partnership firm have to submit partnership deeds and relevant document.
15All individual member should adhere to rules and regulation formed by the organization and if any of the member is found guilty ofnot observing the same, then he/s terminated from the Firm.
16The Firm reserves all rights to terminate a member. Important: If associate is not active more than three months, then it will be permanently blocked. Hence, If you are active, show your presence.
17Once a member is terminated he/she can not enter any of the Firm premises/meeting location and his/her incentive/income will bestopped immediately.
18The member shall bear true faith and all commitment to the Firm and shall uphold the integrity and decorum of the Firm and shallmaintain good relation with other m other client.
19The member shall always behave and act in a dignified manner befitting the status of a member of a reputed and leading network18 marketing Firm of the country.
20The member shall not compel or induce or mislead any person with any false statement / promise to join in the Firm as a member.
21The Firm will not be answerable for any promise, assurance given by any member to any person, unless it is in accordance with theapproved business plan and terms Hence the applicant shall go through the website "http//mydemo.com" and the brochures and notices issued by theFirm. He / She Can have full information on all the
22The applicant / member shall ensure that all the information / furnished to the Firm is correct and property entered. Any requestfor correction furnished by the membe Her sponsor or placement details will not be entertained, once payment statements are processed.
23Firm reserves the right reject any membership / applicant at its own discretion.
24The Firm reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions. products, schemes, business and policies, giving prior noticethrough its website ” be "http//mydemo.com" binding on all member of the Firm.
25If any dispute of difference arises between the parties hereof touching the business of interpretation of any terms and conditionor as to incentives, income etc. rela business of the Firm, the same shall be referred to arbitration and the arbitration shall begoverned shall be governed by the ’Arbitration And Conciliation Act. 2010
26The member has to provide all correct information in the term. The mobile Number mentioned should be in working condition and ifit is found during verification that number mentioned in the form is false / non working condition or any other detail filled up inthe members hip form is not true, the application will be rejected and membership will be forfeited with immediate effect.
27If due to change in govt. policies and enactment of law, the form business is stopped then firm will not liable for any kind ofclaims, reimbursement and compensation.
28• To earn Sales incentive, the purchaser have to sponsor minimum two person in his group, one on left and one on right.
29• Balance business Sales or units in the long leg will be carry forward.
30• All purchasers who have purchased our package are required to renew their package to maintain their position in the company.
31• All purchasers who have purchased our package are required to renew their package to maintain their position in the company.
32• Renewal (Associates pay 800 rs as Annual maintenance charge).
33• For all purchaser, sponsor &renewal is mandatory in the 13th,25th,37th,49th-----& so on month from their date of joining.
34• If still purchaser is not able to fulfil the above criteria , then his previous carry forward business will be washed away completely.
35• Payout closing weekly (weekly cycle Wednesday to Tuesday). Payout distribution on Wednesday.
36• Payment release by (NEFT or CHEQUE).
37•TDS as Per Government Rule 10.30% and Admin charge 5% will be Applicable, from each and every payout from each Associate.
38•If you are not having PAN CARD 20% TDS deduction as per Government. Norms. • If necessary, trimming can also be applicable.
39• The purchaser unconditionally agrees that P Square associate is an independent contractor, and not an employee, agent, partner, legal representation, or franchisee of P Square , Associate further agrees not to incur any debt, expense, obligation on behalf of, for, or in the name of P Square Projects..
40• The Purchaser also further declares that any reliance on any promise or representation not contained in this agreement, website or any formal material of the company would entirely be at his own cost and risks.
41• The Company reserves all the rights to change or discontinue any plan or policy within immediate effect and without any prior information.
42• The company reserves the right to increase or decrease the package cost under the agreement.
43• The Purchaser will not copy, reproduce, redistribute, resell or make unlawful use of the Product or Services or Business plan or software or contents of the website of the company and any such violation will automatically lead to termination of this Agreement by the company in addition to the Purchaser rendering himself liable to prosecution under the applicable civil & criminal laws.
44• The Purchaser shall not make any misrepresentation of the company’s products/services and its mission statement and any default on this ground will be sufficient to terminate this Agreement immediately by the company, along with consequential cancellation of all the rights and obligations arising out of this Agreement.
45• That the Purchaser, during the validity of this agreement shall not carry on a similar business, whether independently or in association with others, directly or indirectly and any violation of this ground will automatically lead to termination of this Agreement by the company in addition to the Purchaser rendering himself liable to prosecution under the applicable civil & criminal laws.
46• That the Purchaser shall not indulge in any anti-company activities or any activity in any manner which is against the vision, mission and core values of the company and any violation of this ground will lead to immediate termination of this Agreement by the company.
47• That the Purchaser shall take prior written permission from the company to publish, produce or distribute any promotional materials through CDs, VCDs, Books, Audio cassettes etc to other Purchasers and on such terms and conditions as the company may impose in the interest of the company and any violation of this ground will lead to immediate termination of this Agreement by the company.
48• This Agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the Laws of the Union of India and shall be subject to Kanpur Jurisdiction
49Read over by me / to me and agreed by me.
50Dated this the .................... this day of ..................................
52P SQUARE INDIA entitles the customer for Two nights hotel accommodation for two adults and two children under the age of 8 years sharing the same room without extra bed.
53This scheme is valid only for the customers of "PSI".
54This offer does not include the following: courier cost, Travel, Transportation, Food, Incidentals, Applicable Taxes (On other charges excluding of package?, Additional Accommodation and other facilities offered by the hotels that may be availed by customers during their stay.
55To Redeem "Happy Holidays", the eligible customer would be required to send the following documents through courier or Registered Post to -REDEMPTION CELL- SCO- 705, Second Floor, Chandigarh- Kalka -Highway, N.A.C, Manimajra, Chandigarh, U.T., INDIA, Pin Code -160101, Ph 0172-6605500
56Documents Required-• Duly filled Booking Request Form in original. • Photo Identity proof of the traveler. (E.g. Copy of Driving license etc) • Photocopy of InvoicelPayment Receipt (Purchase proof I. • Demand Draft of Rs.4991-(Four Hundred Ninety Nine only) in favor of "Innovative Holiday Solutions Pvt. Ltd. payable at Chandigarh.
57. A minimum of 21 days notice before the first preferred date of travel is required, from the date of receipt of the booking request by "Redemption cell"
58. A minimum of 21 days notice before the first preferred date of travel is required, from the date of receipt of the booking request by "Redemption cell"
59Request to avail the holiday must reach us on or before 30 Nov. 2016 and hotel stay must be availed on or before 31 Dec. 2016.
60The "Claim I Booking Request form" cannot be sold, redeemed for cash, gifted or transferred. There is no cash alternative for this offer. All reservations are strictly subject to promotional availability. Request for reservations in exclusion period as mentioned below will not be entertained. • Hill Stations and Pilgrims 1st May to 30th June and 20th Dec to 5th Jan • Deserts, Beaches, National Parks and International Destinations 1st Dec to 20th Jan. • The hotel booking for all destinations will be restricted for 2 days prior & 2 days afterwards of all long weekends, National Holidays and festivals. For eg.- Diwali, Dussehra, Holi, 2nd october, 15th August, 26th January etc.
61In the booking request form the eligible customer must state 3 destinations and 3 different dates with minimum 7 days difference between the departure dates. "IHSPL" will use reasonable endeavors to book you in any available combination andlor sequence (L1-01, L 1 -132, L1-03,L2-D 1, L2- D2,L2-D3, L3- D1, L3-D2, L3-D31 from your chosen dates andlor destinations. Booking Request forms not meeting these criteria are liable to be rejected and cannot be re-processed. In the unlikely event of none of the combinationlsequence being available IHSPL shall offer alternate destination or date at their absolute discretion which may be before or after the preferred dates opted by the customer. Such an alternative offer shall fulfill all promotional obligations to the customer.
62If your booking is within the period of 20 to 30 days then your booking will be confirmed within 7 days of receipt of your voucher & you will be intimated about the destination booked & if the booking is for later period then you will receive the confirmation 7 days prior to the check inn date via SMS & e-mail both and you will be provided the hotel name 3 days prior to the check inn date
63In the event of non availability of room at the listed hotel, accommodation shall be provided in hotel of similar standard.
64. "IHSPL" reserves the right to refuse to redeem the Booking Request Form if submitted by persons other than the customer of PSI. All Booking Request Forms shall be treated and processed as individual requests. Booking Request Form cannot be used! clubbed together in any manner. Two or more booking request on same name cannot be clubbed in any manner.
65No cancellation or amendment is possible after confirmation of booking. In the event of customer not availing the accommodation against the confirmed booking no replacement or alternate reservation shall be offered.
66The use of the confirmation letter is subject to the rules and regulations of the hotel(s) to maintain decorum. The use of the confirmation letter by the customer shall be deemed as an acceptance to the rules and regulations of the hotells).
67"PSI" reserves the right to extend, cancel, discontinue, prematurely withdraw, change, alter or modify this offer or any part there of including but not limited to the eligibility criteria or Hotel list and destinations at its sole discretion anytime during its validity as may be required and the same shall be binding on the customer
68Any disputes, controversies and conflicts ("Disputes") arising out of this offer shall be referred to a sole arbitrator to be appointed by "PSI" and "Innovative Holiday Solutions Pvt. Ltd." The Courts at Chandigarh shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in respect to all the subject matter with relation to this offer.
69The provision of the holiday package is subject to Force Majeure conditions.
70IHSPL is solely responsible for scheme coordination according to the terms and conditions mentioned above. For all other transactions, dealing with PSI, please Contact Company Regd. office at -For most recent updates and full set of terms and conditions, please contact "Customer Services" by calling 0172-6605500, between 10.30 am- 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday